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address:  2a Zolotovorits'ka street, Kiev, Ukraine

26/06/13 - Igor - Moscow (RU)

The new and most importantly CLEAN, VERY CLEAN Kiev hotel. Amazing location just for the tourists. Near the metro. At 3 minutes from the Golden Gate, in 7-10 minutes from St. Michael's Cathedral, St. Andrew's Descent and the cable car and Downtown. Although there is no parking at your hotel, but it is located on a quiet street, where never have problems finding a place for the car. Near a lot of "nutrient" institutions) Very pleased with the cafe-bistro "WOOD", right next to the metro, at 200-230 rubles can eat too much) For holders of a broader budget loved institution "OPERA", a little below the alley, but the hotel where -then 5-7 minutes to go. Quiet atmosphere upstairs, downstairs Karok. Service and cuisine at a high level, did not expect, but the prices are certainly adequate. Together with the girl sit together with a hookah, beer or wine somewhere in 2000-2400 p. In fact, a very pleasant experience on the price and level of hotel.

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